Combined machine NX 410 Pro

Big table surface
The NX410 has a big table surface and a cutting width of 900 mm

Fold away support table
Cast iron power feed “fold away” support table.

Extra support table
The extra support table on the sliding table offers the possiblity of machining big panels.

Tenoning table
The heavy duty tenoning table enables you to execute in all safety all tenoning work.

Scoring unit
Scoring unit for the 250mm version.

Tersa cutter block
The 3-knives Tersa cutter block offers you all the confort and precision when changing the knives.

Standard spindle diameter is 30 mm, the working length is 120 mm. The up-and down stroke is 140 mm. (4 speeds)

Jointer fence
The large, hard anodized, jointer fence makes edge planing easy. Thanks to its special swivel-support bracket, the fence sets at any angle without a gap between the fence and the table surface.

Handwheel with integrated analogue read out for height spindle moulder.

Mitre cross-cut fence
in both directions 2 x 45° mitre cross-cut fence are standard features on the machine.

The thicknesser height adjustment handwheel with integrated mechanical read-out offers even more comfort and precision.

Setting the height
Setting the height of the thicknessing table is easy and simple, the travel up/down is 230 mm.

With the wheelsystem you can easily move your machine