Combined machine NLX Pro

Handwheel with integrated analogue read out for thicknesser height.
Table surface
When machining large panels, the table surface is determinating, with the NLX-410 you have a major advantage.
Mitre fence
The mitre fence and stop on the sliding table is equipped with an excentric woodclamp. Exact angles can be set and secured.
Jointer fence
The large, hard anodized, jointer fence makes edge plan- ing easy. Thanks to its special swivel-support bracket, the fence sets at any angle without a gap between the fence and the table surface.
Setting the height
Setting the height of the thicknessing table is easy and simple, the travel up/down is 230 mm.
The morticer, easy and simple to detach, is operated by 2 detachable levers and is equipped with a 2-jaws chuck.
Sliding table
Very easy to operate, well dimensioned 310 mm wide sliding table, 140 mm wide lower beam. The result of all this clever design is the very high quality of cut from the saw.
Cast iron support table
Cast iron power feed “fold away” support table. No need to take the power feed off each time the saw is used.
4-speed spindle arbor with speeds 2900/4000/6000/7500.
“TERSA” cutter-block with 3 reversible knives, provides quick precise setting of the knives.
Safety hood
The safety hood enables you to execute in all safety all tenoning work and makes your machine even more versatile.
Tenoning table
The tenoning table is made of grey cast iron and is equipped with a anodized 1450 mm long sturdy fence.
Spindle diameter
Standard spindle diameter is 30 mm, the working length is 120 mm, the up-and down stroke is 140 mm.
Spiral cutter block
The spiral cutter block is used to plane hard woods. The cutter block reduces the noise and has a fine timber conversion. The knives have 4 blade sides, so they have a longer operational life.
Ring guard fence
make pieces with different bow shapes. By using a mold, it’s possible to shape the wood by gliding against the ring guard al around the spindle.
Safety pack
The safety pack includes a key on the emergency button, a foldable planer guard and a Suva saw guard, for a great dustcollection and a visible sawcut
Digital read out
Digital read-outs on the crosscut fence
Digital read out parallel fence
Digital read out parallel fence
Heavy duty fence
heavy duty fence on the spindle with oaking point. Perfect to re-use the regelations. The woodpusher is see-through for even safer work