Planer-Thicknesser NXSD

With the wheelsystem, you can easily move your machine.
Handwheel whit integrated analogue read out thickness table.
Jointer fence
The large, hard anodized, jointer fence makes edge planing easy. Thanks to its special swivel-support bracket, the fence sets at any angle without a gap between the fence and the table surface.
Cast iron tables
The cast iron tables have a total length of 1400 mm.
“TERSA” cutter-block with 3 reversible knives (HSS), provides quick precise set- ting of the knives.
The smooth and easy to operate mortiser can be removed from the machine within minutes. It also has 2 detachable handles, easy when machining large workpieces. The chuck capacity is from 0 to 16 mm.
Thicknessing capacity
Up to 230 mm thicknessing capacity with precision setting and locking. The very sturdy central column and positive feed system ensure excellent results.
Spiral cutter block
The spiral cutter block is used to plane hard woods. The cutter block reduces the noise and has a fine timber conversion. The knives have 4 blade sides, so they have a longer operational life.
The spiral infeed roller
The spiral infeed roller guarantees an efficient through-feed of the wood and so a good surface.