Panelsaw Silverline PS 3200 X1

Outrigger table
The new outrigger table with telescopic cross-cut-fence.
Control panel
A large overhead control panel with 7” touch screen for the parallel fence
Accurate positioning of the parallel fence.
Sawing aggregate
The sawing aggregate which tilts in quadrants
Digipack X1
Digital read out height and inclination of the sawblade
Index system
An accurate index-system with length compensation
Extendible roll
The extendible roll enlarges the work surface
Cutting angles
A large support for the work piece when cutting an angle
Standard grooving cutter
Standard grooving cutter
Quick adjustable scoring unit 'Leader'
Quick adjustable scoring unit 'Leader'
Digital read-out
Digital read-out on both flipper stops cross cut fence
Double sided mitre fence
Double sided mitre fence
Support table
Extra support table
Support table with rip fence
Support table with extra squaring fence.