Thicknesser D 510

Tersa cutterblock: fast changing of the knives and small response time thanks to the TERSA knive system.
Spiral infeedroller
Spiral infeedroller guarantees an efficient feed motion of the wood and a good quality.
4 Sturdy columns
The thicknesser is based on to 4 sturdy columns.
Up to 250mm
It is possible to work pieces of woord with a thickness up to 250 mm.
Friction reduction rolls
2 friction reduction rolls for easier processing of wet wood.
Comfort pack
The comfort pack on the SD 510 consists out of 4 feeding speeds, digital read out of the height and an automatisch star delta switch.
Spiral cutter head
The spiral cutter block is used to plane hard woods. The cutter block reduces the noise and has a fine timber conversion. The knives have 4 blade sides, so they have a longer operational life.
The rubber out feed roller
The rubber out feed roller makes sure the wood doesn’t get an imprint from the roller. There’s the possibility of 1 roll on the D510
Switchable dustcollector
On our new and improved D510, you now have the ability to swap the dustcollector to the side of choice.